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Temco Rubber Industrial Group started its activity by making all kinds of PET and polyethylene bottle molds.
With the arrival of silicone rubber parts in the market, with the help of science and technology and university learning, the company entered the field of silicone rubber.

Temco Rubber designs, manufactures and molds and finally produces all kinds of metal and non-metal parts such as rubber, silicone, plastic and composite parts on a customized basis.

Observing the gap in the production of silicon keyboards in 2018 with the help of the university, Temco Rubber entered this field and was able to solve the problems in the production of conductive carbon cells for keying operations, which are used in all types of cars. Accounts, card reader devices, industrial keyboards are used.

Temco Rubber is the first manufacturer of silicon keyboards and the only authority in the design, manufacture and production of 0 to 100 silicon keyboards in the Middle East besides China.
Temco Rubber, under the name of Bespar Sanat Silicon Company, is developing its special capabilities as fast and better as possible in Pardis Technology Park of Iran.
Temco Rubber’s services have been in the field of managing the toy, health, pharmaceutical, kitchen, industrial and non-industrial industries, which has been able to relieve the burden of industry managers in order to avoid the need to import special products.
By gaining experience in helping industry managers and entering the group of producers of special products, Temkoraber was able to meet the country’s production and needs by registering some special silicone products such as silicone shoe covers (which is the only authorized source for the production of this product).
Also, by exporting to countries such as Turkey, UAE, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, it has taken a step towards globalization.

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