Manufacturing 3 Types of rubber mold

With the development of the rubber products industry, the types of rubber products are increasing, and therefore it causes the design and manufacture of rubber molds. Temco Rubber Industrial Group can produce the rubber mold with high efficiency, precision and long life according to your selection of desired part.

Manufacturing 3 Types of Rubber Mold

Rubber mold are another type of molds, which are less expensive and less complicated than plastic molds.

For a better and more accurate review, you need to send us (Temco) your photos and parts, and as soon as possible, according to the number of quilts and the exact type of material you want, and the quality and accuracy you want, the cost estimate and the construction time will be made and you will be notified.

no, the only difference between the rubber mold and the silicone mold is the calculation of the amount of material, some of which can be extracted using the relevant tables.

Car rubber parts pass tests of standards such as fatigue, elasticity, exposure to cold and heat, and air humidity. Therefore the choice of material in these parts is very important.

In the production process of silicone parts, the baking process is done after the materials have entered, so it can be said that the silicone injection mold is the same as the rubber baking mold.

The time to make a mold and produce a rubber part is completely dependent on the complexity of the part, which usually takes between 15 and 35 days for rubber parts.

The production of rubber molds is mainly done by three methods: rubber injection, rubber biting and transfer method, which is a combination of injection and biting.

Rubber O-rings can be produced in various sizes with desired sections, making molds of these O-rings requires more sensitive cutting blades, and Temco Rubber Industrial Group is a specialist in making all kinds of rubber molds.

Neoprene rubber is a rubber to resist oil and ozone. Neoprene rubber is suitable for automotive industry.

Work Samples of Manufacturing rubber mold

Manufacturing silicone mold​
Manufacturing silicone mold​
Manufacturing silicone mold​
Manufacturing silicone mold​

Types of rubber molds

Compression rubber mold

A simple pressure rubber mold, which is made of two soles, and the raw rubber is placed directly in the chamber or cavity of the rubber mold, and the rubber is formed and baked under the pressure and heat of the two halves of the mold.

Semi-transition rubber mold

In this type of tire mold, it is made of three parts. The main cavity of the transition rubber mold is designed and installed between the bottom and the middle part.

The lower part and the middle part are placed on top of each other without materials and are simply paired, and then the raw material is placed in the upper chamber of the second part (or the middle part) and is pressed by the third part or the pressure mandrel, which is in the form of a mandrel. Small holes in the bottom of the chamber are injected into the main chamber.

The defect of the transfer tire mold is in the problem of cleaning the part of the loading chamber after each injection, and the second problem is the separation of the mandrel from the middle part. The rubber gets harder.

Injection type rubber mold with a special rubber injection device

The third type of rubber mold is the injection type with a special rubber injection machine, which is similar to the plastic injection machine with a slight change in the system of preheating the raw material and injection and baking.

The rubber injection method is especially suitable for the production of silicone parts, because the raw material of silicone before being heated is soft, unlike the raw material of all types of soot-eating rubbers, and it does not need to be pre-heated, and it moves easily in the injection paths and can be used on the walls. Fill it long with a thickness of one mile.

The rubber molds are made of hot-worked alloy steel and hardened in the cream plating chamber so that both the part is released sooner and the mold changes its shape later.

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